What we've done


A digital safeguard for all of your things

Possessions is as app that gives you a digital safeaurd for your belongings. Document your information or attach bluetooth beacons and find your lost items.

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BackPack 'Em

A University marketplace

BackPack 'Em is a university marketplace that let's students sell more than just books. Students could sell tickets, electronics, and clothes amongst their peers.

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Mobile security for the enterprise

Enterprises are rapidly adopting mobile solutions for their businesses. PaRaBaL is a company that was ahead of the curve and needed a video to explain why enterprise mobile security is so important.

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Our team.

Nitin Sampathi

Motion Designer

Danielle Dernoga


Sarah Greenwood

Project Manager

Matthew Taylor


We love what we do.

We are a small tight-knit team of creatives who are obsessed with design, animation, and startups. We do more than just make videos, we help businesses communnicate their idea.

We like working with companies who are passionate about their business. Companies who don't just say they're "creative and unique", but want to show that with video.