The minute

30-60 seconds. Short, Sweet, and to the point. A video that will sell your idea and stay within budget.


The movie

> 60 seconds. Don't just explain the what, explain the why. More time to tell your story and reach your audience.

$800 - $1500

The Campaign

A series of videos to sell your product, build your brand, or educate your users.

Talk to us!

Our Process

Week 1: A kickoff meeting where we discuss specifics, we create a script and suggest possible voice actors.

Week 2: We create a storyboard and pick out some song and music options

Week 3 and 4: We'll begin designing and animating the video and create a rough cut for your feedback.

Week 5: Now we'll add all of the details, audio, effects, and incorporate your feedback, again for your approval.

DONE: Final tweaks here and there and Boom! You're video is finished and ready to share.