We make explainer videos for startups

Tell your story, sell your idea, and grow your brand with video

Engage and convert any audience

Marketing and Advertising

We create animated videos that explain your product, service, or solution, just like this:

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Our Process


Script and Narration

Deliverable: script and voice talent suggestions

First, we’ll suggest a few voice actors that best represent your brand. Then work with you and your team to write a script by clearly defining your audience and focusing in on your message


Storyboard and Music

Deliverable: storyboard and music options

We’ll then suggest a few options for music that will help set the right tone. Also, we’ll break down the script into an illustrated storyboard, giving you a better visual understanding of the video


First Draft

Deliverable: animated storyboard

We then start designing and begin to animate the video. This rough draft will have some basic color and animation but will also an opportunity for you to provide feedback



Deliverable: video with all essential elements

We’ll revise our first draft, add the narration, music, sound effects, and more animation. This version will be much closer to the final product, but again, another opportunity for more feedback.


Final video

Deliverable: finished explainer video

The final product will be an engaging video that communicates your message to your audience. The process lasts 6-8 weeks and we can’t wait to get started.


Designed from scratch.

Total Package

Animation, Narration, Sound, and Music.


We’re a startup helping startups.